This is update #41 and here are a few build notes:

  • New lighting setup. No more Direction Specular Lighmap, only Directional.
  • New Reflection Probes setup. Less probe instances, high quality only when needed.
  • New Post-Processing beta4 implementation
  • Finetune particle systems
  • City mod & texturing enhancement (Substance Painter)
  • New Police Spinner animation & textures
  • Better Global Fog settings
  • Finetune Lens Flares
  • Reduce Volumetric Lights quality
  • Move all assets into Resources folder
  • Reduce scales in lightmaps on several objects
  • Finetune glass rendering
  • Finetune some PBR materials
  • Fix apartment walls, floors and roof meshes
  • Add new unmounted Blaster gun






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  • Christian - December 20, 2016 reply

    This looks stunning, Quentin. Amazing work. Couldn’t help but notice this is the first video with a thanks at the end, and no message in the update about future work to be done. Does this mean it’s complete?

    Q. - December 20, 2016 reply

    Hi Christian. I have 3 things to do before releasing this experience:
    1. Improve the bathroom
    2. Add a few more details on buffets
    3. Buy another headset to port this in VR. Mine is Oculus DK1 and it’s obsolete now 🙁

  • dR - December 24, 2016 reply

    This is FANTASTIC. I remember you posting this on the subreddit 2 years ago and being stunned. Keeps getting better and better. My most long-awaited VR passion project.

    Speaking on the above, do you estimate you’ll have the thing released before the second have of 2017?
    And yes, please get it working on Vive too, I’m pumped!

    admin - January 3, 2017 reply

    I cannot give a precise ETA as it’s still a hobby job. But I can say it’s almost finished. I can also tell you it will be available on Vive. There is also a living character coming into this apartment. It will be implemented very soon too (http://www.br9732.com/index.php/2015/12/14/28-rachel-into-the-apartment/)

  • pirri fabio - December 24, 2016 reply

    Please Oculus CV1 too

  • Ricardo - January 2, 2017 reply

    Awesome work! 🙂

    Perhaps you’d want to release this for the Gear VR as well (should be easy, since you are using Unity).

    admin - January 3, 2017 reply

    Unfortunately this project is not developed for mobile purpose. Mobile devices are not powerful enough for this kind of rendering, especially in stereoscopic view. But it could be possible to provide a non-interactive 360° tour of it, on mobile. I’ll look forward to it.

  • Ian - January 2, 2017 reply

    I would love to see myself (Rick Deckard ) in the mirror in the bathroom … could even be just a visual effect trick of putting a few images on a curved poly..

  • Marcelo - January 3, 2017 reply

    Hi there,

    great work! I tried to do something similar in blender and asked a local university to port it to Unity but their effort really left much to be desired whereas yours is an outstanding effort. We want it for our conversational agent (see http://www.rachaelrepp.org) which is a prize-wining agent and possibly the most advanced you will find. It generates ideograms and is capable of some understanding and association of ideas (has first order logic and compatibility with “E”) rather than your typical Howie-type AIML sort of engine. Have a chat with her and you will see she can associate quite complex ideas. Is there any chance, if I put in a suitable acknowledgement/trademark, we could use your unity environment in our site? We use voice-generation based on MARY but using our own semantic tags. We would like to match Rachael’s movements to the same tags so we can get matching voice and body movements… in your environment things would just look great. I look forward to your reply. Cheers.

    admin - January 4, 2017 reply

    Hi Marcelo. Thanks! I like very much your idea! Unfortunately this project is already very time consuming for me as it’s a hobby job and I need to handle several projects in addition to it. Implementing a fully interactive Rachael seems great of course but it also require a certain amount of time and work. I cannot guarantee you I’ll go for it but I keep your idea in my mind 🙂

    Marcelo - January 4, 2017 reply

    Hi there, I know how to implement the responsiveness. It is in fact very complicated given the number of technologies we use. I was thinking simply of using your environment and using the Rachael we have in that environment obviously with due acknowledgement. We have already generated a range of movements and expressions for her body but the environment is not as good as yours. Give me an email and I’ll send you what we have. Cheers.

  • Human - January 4, 2017 reply

    This is truly amazing. I know about your project for about 2 years and the improvement is real and very good. But I have a question. The game will be available only in VR ? We’ll be able to play it on PC with a monitor if we don’t have a VR headset?

    admin - January 4, 2017 reply

    Technically it’s quite easy of course. I don’t know yet but it could be the case.

  • Russ Painter - January 7, 2017 reply

    This is gorgeous! I’m curious how much is from reference from the original movie, and how much you had to make up yourself? Would be nice to see some side by side stills.

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