Here is the latest lighting setup made with Unity 5.4. This time it seems to be right: Dark but not too dark, hazy and foggy with subtile HDR settings. I also changed a lot of light sources and I used Global Illumination with emissive materials as much as possible to get a better mood. Many items are now detailed, almost all of them. At this point, I would like to do a last enhancement session on modeling of the city part. Otherwise there are still props to improve and I must add more “mess” at some places but here are a bunch of new shots:


While I was working on lighting and other props optimisation, my friend Cedric Delcourt, made a wonderful mod about this mythic gun. Thanks to him for this amazing non-student job.


Some detailed props I recently enhanced (mods and textures).



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  • Paul - September 26, 2016 reply

    Amazing work as always, really looking forward to the VR compatible release!

  • Daniel Zandonadi - September 27, 2016 reply

    Oh my…. This is awesome!! Everything’s so detailed, we can almost feel Deckard as a person we know. By the way, that was the feeling I had when I saw your #4 video for the first time: like I was exploring the place of someone I knew quite well. Thank you again!

  • Rick - October 12, 2016 reply

    Fantastic work! Major fan here… I’ve watched Blade Runner in all its incarnations 100+ times by now and it’s always a treat to find someone else showing some Blade Runner love.

    I’d be happy to donate $$$ to the cause if it would help make this a “reality” on the Vive. I’d also love to lend a hand beta testing on the Vive if/when development reaches that point.

    Have a better one!

  • Eve - November 6, 2016 reply

    Terri !! Good work!! The last time i went to Tuaran for the noodle, i saw the cook boiling them, toss and throw them into another &#h933ot&#;9; wok. So i followed similarly and they turned out soggy and terrible (missing the part having to fry them). Keep up the good work !! Blessings

  • hiro - November 29, 2016 reply

    I’ll also give a big thumbs up to experience this with the Vive.

    On my list of places I’d really love to visit in VR, especially the thought of looking out from Deckard’s balcony.

    How about a virtual Voight Kampff test while we’re in there? (Fail and you never leave…)

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