I finally got some time to work on HDR rendering seriously and here are some results. Quite hazy but it should be to stick with the movie atmosphere.
For now, all the lighting is Baked GI (Unity 5.4.0) plus a few area lights. I’m waiting for updates (I encountered several bugs with directional specular lightmaps) to implement Real-time GI and be able to dynamically light on/off some place here… with beauty.





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  • Rob - August 14, 2016 reply

    I’m more than impressed with the amazing amount of detail that has gone into capturing the visual essence and mood of blade runner ,this is real visual eye candy to any blade runner fan,well done.

  • Wes - August 15, 2016 reply

    This looks amazing! Any thoughts on release date?

  • Vladimir - August 15, 2016 reply

    This looks fantastic, can’t wait to try this 🙂

  • Roy - August 15, 2016 reply

    I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. But I’ve never seen Deckard’s apartment in VR before. Time to Vive!

  • Franki - August 15, 2016 reply

    Really nice, the lightning is much better than in the last preview.
    Any idea when this will be released (at least in alpha) ?

  • Q. - August 15, 2016 reply

    Hi, Thanks for your interest guys.
    I’m not able to promise a release date for now. I have plenty of projects to finish in the pipe first.
    But we are getting close to an alpha. I would say before the end of the year, for sure, … I hope.

  • Paul - August 15, 2016 reply

    Absolutely fantastic. Can’t wait to try it 🙂

  • JustNiz - August 15, 2016 reply

    Dude this is amazing. Thanks for doing this. Bladerunner is by far my favorite movie of all time.
    There’s a scene in the movie where he goes out onto the balcony and watches the world go by for a moment. If you could recreate that possibility, it would just be freaking awesome…. and you know the soundtrack just has to include the part where Rachel is playing the piano in the background, right?

    Simplex - August 15, 2016 reply

    “he goes out onto the balcony and watches the world go by for a moment. If you could recreate that possibility, it would just be freaking awesome”

    Check out L.A. 2097 The Precipice: https://deepfield.itch.io/la2097-precipice

    Q. - August 15, 2016 reply

    Thanks Justin. You should check video previews in the “PREVIEW” section of this website.

  • Turkish - August 19, 2016 reply

    This is amazing. Can’t wait to actually transport myself there via Oculus Rift. Amazing work man, keep it up!

  • Zavie - November 27, 2016 reply

    There is an admirable attention to detail in there. I have been watching again the film a couple of times recently, and I would love to get a chance to experience this is VR. If you put this on KickStarter or on Steam, I would certainly pay for it.

    Keep it up the good work.

  • PB - December 11, 2016 reply

    Man, I really appreciate your work, what a sense of details ! You must be very patient.
    Thank you for sharing this part of your universe.

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