This piece of Deckard’s apartment was a mystery for a long time. I googled quite hard on minibars, cocktails buffets,.. even darts… but I found nothing looking like this:


At that point, my only hope was propsummit guys and Andrew Pokon made a wonderful discovery. He finally spotted the unknown buffet and bring us the answer on Blade Runner Propsummit Facebook Group. Here is the thing or at least the most faithful prop ever mentioned 🙂


Maybe the real one is still somewhere inside the Ennis House in L.A. Otherwise it is a good piece of work… and I got some time during these nights to create a 3D model of it with some adaptations according the movie. I obviously replaced the low poly buffet in the living room with this one. I still need to create a 2048 walnut texture, the current one is only 1024 but here are several shots:

Thanks again to Adrew!



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  • greg - July 10, 2016 reply

    travail aussi titanesque que précis, magnifique pour les nombreux fans qui rêvent d’enfin le visiter.
    je suis très heureux de voir que le projet évolu toujours. une seule question me turlupine… pourquoi ne pas le sortir sur steam et oculus store en VR? Beaucoup seraient heureux de payer pour jouir de ce travail! http://img1.gtsstatic.com/wallpapers/49ba358484e7ba5e4de5286da087f64f_large.jpeg

  • Christian - July 23, 2016 reply

    This is absolutely amazing! What a fantastic job you’re doing. I can’t wait until this is completed!

  • Obi-Shawn - October 6, 2017 reply

    Very cool! I have a similarly-opening desk that came from 20th Century Props; it was used on the show “2 Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Parlor” in Nathan Fillian’s apartment. I wonder if the prop company has this one?

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