At last I can show you some progress on the VR implementation of the scene. I’m now working on interactions with objects like glasses, bottles, gun, … Rachael still needs to be finetuned (textures, animations) but she already offers some presence in the apartment. I added a small script on the “look behavior” so she can focus on you when you stick around her. Sometimes it’s possible to see the little red glares in her eyes 😉

Thanks again to HTC, especially Alvin Graylin, for their help. The Vive headset is the perfect tool for this experience!

Thanks to Denis Tassin for his help on the piano algorithm (one sound per octave seems to be good enough indeed).

Sorry for this 720p capture. My current rig cannot handle VR smoothly when recording it in full HD in the same time.



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  • Ben - February 27, 2017 reply

    I thought this project was Rift and then Vive was added. It now appears to be Vive only. Has Rift support been dropped, or will it finally support Rift/Touch as well as Vive?

    admin - February 27, 2017 reply

    Unfortunately my old Oculus DK1 is not supported anymore in Unity. I’m not able to develop the experience for this platform as I cannot buy another headset for now. Also, recent news from Oculus are difficult to interpret. But I can already tell you I’ll get it working on Oculus too as soon as I can buy a new one.

    Ben - February 28, 2017 reply

    I see. I’d be happy to make a donation to go towards your gear for Oculus support! Maybe others would as well. Let us know if you want to crowdfund it!

    It’s looking amazingly good by the way. Can’t wait to experience it.

  • Rick - February 27, 2017 reply

    Cannot wait to see this on my Vive! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, just say the word if you need donations to the cause… I’ll be there.

    admin - February 27, 2017 reply

    Thanks you very much Rick.

  • James - February 27, 2017 reply

    I can’t wait to put on my Vive and just immerse myself in this. Your attention to detail borders on compulsive! You probably should see a doctor about that. 🙂

  • Paul - February 27, 2017 reply

    I’ve been following this project since the beginning, you’ve made amazing progress it’s looking incredible, fantastic job! I really can’t wait to try it out 🙂

  • Rex - February 27, 2017 reply

    Love the attention to detail. This environment is the one I want to experience when the tech is 100%. I want to look over the balcony. Without the looping spinner outside, it looks organic and real.

  • NandoCalrissian - February 28, 2017 reply

    Man, this by itself makes having HTC Vive an honor
    I just want to know… When?

    admin - February 28, 2017 reply

    Thank you Nando. I cannot give a precise ETA but it would be cool to have it just before the new movie, right? 🙂

    NandoCalrissian - February 28, 2017 reply

    I’ll be trembling of desire until then, and also I’ll be praying for you don’t get a cease & desist shit like that guy that was making the enterprise experience. This is Epic. Thanks again for doing it.

  • sipon - February 28, 2017 reply

    Now with Rachel !! Can’t wait !

  • chief_wrench - February 28, 2017 reply

    This looks too good to be true. Very happy to see progress and that you are still working on this. 10/10 will buy.

  • Terry M - March 14, 2017 reply

    Incredible! Thank you for all your time and effort put into this project.

  • Jennifer Reitz - April 12, 2017 reply

    Blade Runner is my favorite science fiction movie of all time. Your work creating this treasure is… it is a joy just to see still pictures and YouTube videos… I cannot but imagine the wonder of experiencing this on my Vive and/or my Rift. This is magnificent work. Beyond astonishing. I feel awestruck.

    admin - April 12, 2017 reply

    Thank your for your kind words Jennifer!

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