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Some lighting artefacts are now gone on several models.
These model UVs are now pelt in 3DSMax.
New materials are used for the floor (with normal and specular maps).


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  • William Palmer - June 29, 2015 reply

    Man, it took forever to get the light baking right in Unity 5.1 for my “VROOM: Aerie” project. I must have lost 2 weeks just tweaking and regenerating, because I wanted both day and night lightmaps. Unfortunately, 5.0+ seems to have a bug importing lightmaps at runtime, so I had to just release with day. (Plus there were all the usual visual glitches and weird face-normal problems with their lightmapper.)

    Anyway, I really appreciate what you’re building and wish I could help somehow. (I just rewatched BR for the umpteenth time this weekend.)

    If you haven’t tried Unity’s Built-In Occlusion yet, it should help with your project immensely. Since most of your objects are static, you just need to enable occluder/ocludee static and then click the Bake button. Et voila: more Frames Per Second!

    Oh, here’s a thought: you could put a sleeping Rachel on the bed without too much work. 😉

    I’ve learned a lot about Unity during the past year, and am still learning things. Can you believe i just realized the other day that I could be importing .blend files directly from Blender instead of importing/exporting FBX’s all the time and losing coordinates? Ha!

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