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Life is coming into the apartment. You should see Rachael wandering there, smoking her cigaret, asking questions to you…

Deckard: Remember when you were six? You and your brother snuck into an empty building through a basement window. You were going to play doctor. He showed you his but when it got to be your turn you chickened and ran, you remember that? You ever tell anybody that? Your mother, Tyrell, anybody? Remember the spider that lived outside your window? Orange body, green legs. Watched her build a web all summer then one day there’s a big egg in it. The egg hatched…
Rachael: The egg hatched…
Deckard: Yeah.
Rachael: And a hundred baby spiders came out and they ate her.
Deckard: Implants. Those aren’t your memories, they’re somebody else’s. They’re Tyrell’s niece’s. Okay, bad joke… I made a bad joke. You’re not a replicant. Go home, okay? No, really, I’m sorry, go home.

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25. Oculus SDK 0.5

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Latest Oculus SDK is now implemented and the user is able to walk around the apartment for the first time.
There is still a lot to do to optimize the VR experience and avoid framerate drops but some assets have already a really immersive aspect.

Q25. Oculus SDK 0.5
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23. Sofa

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Sofa UVs were not perfect and lighting artefact appeared at several places.
This is now fixed and emmissive materials are now working correctly too.
Otherwise, the sofa is not the final one. A more accurate mesh and substance materials will take place.

Q23. Sofa
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19. Esper machine V2.0

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The previous Esper Machine was quite lowpoly and not fitting with the high resolution environment. Now, the screen submeshes are OK for light reflection and video material mapping.

Q19. Esper machine V2.0
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18. Light Baking iteration #5

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Each object is now correctly uvmapped and lots of light artefacts are gone.
The whole project is using 5 lightmaps (4096×4096, Directional) in total, much better than 16 (2048×2048) from the previous bakings.

Q18. Light Baking iteration #5
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